True Foundation Transformation Church

Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication Guidelines

1. The baby being dedicated must not exceed twelve ( 12 ) months of age .

2. The parent/guardian(s) must call the church office or confer with the Church Secretary at least two month s in advance to schedule a baby dedication. Baby dedications are performed on the third Sunday s of the month.

3. The Church Secretary will arrange a brief meeting with the parent/guardian(s) prior to the service with a Members’ Care representative to review guidelines, procedures, and to answer any questions.

4. All participants (the baby being dedicated and parent/legal guardians) names must be placed on the form that will be provided to the parent/guardian. The completed form must be given to the Church Secretary at the time of the meeting or before.

5. If the parents of the child being dedicated are unmarried, only the custodial parent may come forward with the child . The other parent may be present, but will not be recognized publicly. If for some reason the non – custodial parent comes forward, he/she will be escorted b ack to their seat by one of the ushers or deacons.

6. During the ceremony, w hen prompted, only the baby to be dedicated and its’ parent(s)/legal guardian(s) should be prepared to come forward.

7. A baby dedication certificate will be presented at t he time of dedication or mailed to the home of the parent(s)/guardian(s) within two weeks of the service of dedication.


Note: God – parents may come forward with the parent/legal guardian(s) provided they are married. No non – married couples will be recognized publicly during this service.