True Foundation Transformation Church


Thank You for Joining Us!

Now that you are a member of the True Foundation Transformation Church (TFTC) Family, we look forward to assisting you in your knowledge of Christianity, as well as in the mission(s)of our church. Accordingly, all new members receive an invitation to our Membership Orientation Class, and the purpose of this class is to provide you with overall information about our church, such as: its leadership, beliefs, vision, ministries, expectations, and the basic doctrines of our Christian faith. We further believe that this class will help you understand more about your relationship with Jesus Christ, who we are as a church family, and how we love God and serve people, both church and community at TFTC.

As a new member, you will be provided with the dates and times of your membership orientation class, which are held on Sunday mornings from10:00am–10:45am, which is the same time our Sunday School classes are held on every Sunday morning, which we encourage you to attend once you have completed your membership orientation class, as well as become a participantof our weekly Bible Study on Thursdays at 7pm, which is taught by our pastor, Bishop Larry A. Brookins. Our Bible Study is virtual and can be viewed on our church’s social media pages of YouTube, Facebook, and Holy

Once you receive your class assignment, make every effort to be faithful throughout, and should you have questions or would like to reschedule, please contact Dr. Sandra D. Brookins at (773) 304-8818 or

Again, WELCOME! We’re eager to know you and for you to know us, and for us to grow together, worship together, serve together, pray together, and fulfill the purpose of God for the ministry of True Foundation Transformation Church! May you find a true home and family among us.